Who do you hang out with?

Jeyong (Korea): I'm a student abroad1 in Japan and I go back to Korea during summer break2 and during my free time, I usually spend a lot of time3 with my older sister and I feel comfortable4 talking to her because she cares for5 me very much and gives me advices6 of how a university life should be like7, and we go shopping together, hang out8, eat food and go to movies together9 and so on10.

Joel, Unites States
Well, I used to11 hang out with my friends all the time, go out on the weekends, and maybe we go to a bar, go drinking or something12, but I'm married13 and I have a son now so I usually hang out with my family. I don't really go out much at all14 anymore15. I'm happier16 just staying home and playing with my kid17.

Lucinda (New Zealand): In my free time I usually hang out with my boyfriend. We at the moment, is the MBA League18 pass19 on Sky TV and we've just been watching20 the last two games and that's about it21. That's all I really do is watch TV in my free time.

Martin (United States): Well, when I have free time, the person I usually always hang out with would have to be my girlfriend. we always, we share22 a common interest and like to spend time with each other23, just go out, walk around24, see movies, or just chat25 and have coffee or dinner together, but normally I'm very busy these days and I don't have that much26 free time.

Ruth (England): Who do I hang out with? Well, I think that depends on27 the situation and on the day, like when I'm at work, at lunchtime28 I hang out with my workmates29, but in the evenings30, and at the weekends, I hang around31 with my best friend, and with my other friends, and often32 I also hang around with my parents33. I really like spending time with them. I don't usually hang around with anybody from school because I'm not really in touch with34 them anymore, but I do like to spend time with my parents.

Tom (England): I came here a month ago and I don't speak the language and I don't really know anybody so in my free time I stay home. There's35 the radio on the internet. That keeps36 me company and I've learned how to cook up37 some simple food to stop myself from getting too hungry38, but in terms of who do I hang out with, I might say39 hello to the lady in the supermarket, but no one40 really.


1.      Abroad = no exterior
2.      during summer break = durante a pausa de verão
3.      spend a lot of time = passo muito tempo
4.      Comfortable = confortável
5.      cares for = importa-se com
6.      advices = conselhos
7.      should be like = deveria ser
8.      hang out = sair para curtir
9.      go to movies together = ir ao cinema juntos
10.   and so on = e assim por diante
11.   I used to = costumava
12.   Something = algo assim
13.   Married = casado
14.   at all = absolutamente, de qualquer modo
15.   anymore = mais
16.   happier = mais feliz
17.   playing with my kid = brincando com meu filho
18.   MBA League = Liga de basquete
19.   Pass = passar (TV)
20.   we've just been watching = Nós temos apenas assistido
21.   that's about it = é somente isso
22.   share  = compartilhar
23.   each other = um com o outro
24.   walk around = dar uma volta
25.   chat = bater papo
26.   that much = tanto
27.   depends on = depender de
28.   lunchtime = hora do almoço
29.   workmates = colegas de trabalho
30.   in the evenings = à noite
31.   hang around = dar uma volta
32.   often = frequentemente
33.   parents = pais
34.   in touch with = em contato com
35.   There's = há
36.   Keeps = mantém
37.   cook up = cozinhar
38.   stop myself from getting too hungry = impedir-me de ficar com muita fome
39.   I might say = eu devo dizer

40.   no one = ninguém