What would your dream house be like?

Samir (Sweden): Oh, my dream house? It is on the beach. You have a great view of the ocean and the beach, and it should be1 really big, a big house, with maybe2 an elevator, and maybe at least3 three cars and a cinema in the house as well4. That would be cool5.

Cheryl (Guam): If I had a dream house, I think that it would first of all6 be next to7 the ocean. I love the ocean. Secondly8, it would probably have really high ceilings9 because I like places that are very airy10 and big and spacious11. Thirdly12, my dream house would definitely have a jacuzzi13, a hot tub15: something like that15, and a very big, big bathroom and a big balcony16.

Jonathan (Canada): To describe17 my dream house: it would actually18 be very simple. It would probably be a small apartment in a large19 city that was very strong20 on points of culture - maybe in Barcelona or some city like that21. It would probably be a simple apartment in an entertainment22, nightlife23 district with lots of culture around and a very lively scene24.

Emily (Djibouti): My dream house? I don't want a big, big house, just as long as it's surrounded by25 nature. I don't wanna live26 in a modern country or big cities like New York or Tokyo, but I prefer quiet places27 where you can really meditate and live your life fully28.

Demelza (Australia): My dream house would be two stories high29. It would be made of30 wooden floor boards31 and plain32 white walls, and I think it would have a Thai style decor33.

Hoa (Vietnam): My dream house? I would like to have my house near the beach because I like swimming34, I like going to the beach, and I … a lot of windows, so my house should have a lot of windows, so that I can see35. I can have a view to the ocean, and it should be far away from36 the city because I want, I wanna to enjoy myself37 and stay away from the noise38.


1.     should be = deveria ser
2.     maybe = talvez
3.     at least = pelo menos
4.     as well = também
5.     cool = legal
6.     first of all = Primeiramente
7.     next to = perto de
8.     Secondly = Em Segundo lugar
9.     high ceilings = tetos altos
10. airy = arejado
11. spacious = espaçoso
12. Thirdly = Em terceiro lugar
13. Jacuzzi = banheira
14. hot tub = banheira de hidromassagem
15. something like that = algo assim
16. balcony = varanda, sacada
17. balcony = descrever
18. actually = na verdade
19. large = grande
20. strong = forte
21. like that = assim, deste tipo
22. entertainment = entretenimento
23. nightlife = vida noturna
24. lively scene = cenário animado
25. as long as it's surrounded by = contanto que seja cercada por
26. I don't wanna live = Eu não quero morar
27. quiet places = lugares calmos, tranquilos
28. fully = plenamente
29. two stories high = dois andares de altura
30. made of = feito(a) de
31. wooden floor boards = piso de tábuas de madeira
32. plain = reto, plano
33. Thai style décor = decoração estilo Tailandês
34. Swimming = nadar, natação
35. so that I can see = para que eu possa ver
36. far away from = bem longe de
37. enjoy myself = curtir a si mesmo(a)
38. noise = barulho