What technology will become obsolete?

Warren (Canada): As much as1 I like to read, I don't think books are going to be around forever2. They take up a lot of space3, and they use up a lot of material, a lot of natural resources4. These days, we can already5 just have everything on an iPad or some other kind of6 electronic device7. So, we don't really need them.

Antoinette (United States): I wonder8. I think the television will become9 obsolete. we can access news broadcasts10 and television shows through11 the internet and on our computers, and even12 on our cellphones13. So, huge14, large15, clunky16 televisions are probably on their way out17.

Sarah (England): The technology that will become obsolete, I think, will be the CD. Now, we have the ability to download music and put that track18 directly on to a music player. I think the tangible19 item of a CD will be obsolete, because there is no need20 for them now. You can put them onto a pen drive or you can put them onto a music player, and you can always have them wherever you are21.

Matt (United States): I think technologies, such as22 digital cameras and handheld23 gaming devices24 will become obsolete in the next two or three years. That's because they have new technologies that, such as cellphones that are gaming centers, that are digital cameras and do everything all in one24. So, you don't need to have a cellphone and a digital camera. You don't need to have a cellphone and a handheld gaming device. You can have all in one.

Rese (Botswana): I think the desktop computers26 have really started to become obsolete and will continue to become more and more27 obsolete because of the various technologies, like laptops and iPads and iPhones that already28 give you access to all the things that a desktop computer can give you access to and that are more mobile than the desktop computer.

Lindsay (United States): I think cars someday in the future will become obsolete. We'll still have transportation vehicles, but it won't necessarily be a car dependent on oil29. It might be30 like an electric car, or maybe it will be dependent on wind fuel31 or solar energy, something different.


1.    As much as = tanto quanto
2.    are going to be around forever = irão ficar por aqui para sempre
3.    take up a lot of space = ocupam muito espaço
4.    natural resources = recursos naturais
5.    already = já
6.    some other kind of = algum outro tipo de
7.    device = dispositivo
8.    wonder = perguntar-se
9.    will become = vai se tornar
10. news broadcasts = transmissão de notícias
11. through = através
12. even = até mesmo
13. cellphones = telephones celulares
14. huge = imenso(a)
15. large = grande
16. clunky = desajeitado
17. on their way out = a caminho da extinção, prestes a sair de linha
18. track = trilha
19. tangible = palpável, evidente
20. there is no need = não há nenhuma necessidade
21. wherever you are = onde voce estiver
22. such as = tais como
23. handheld = portátil
24. gaming devices = dispositivos de jogos
25. all in one = tudo em um
26. desktop computers = computadores de mesa
27. more and more = cada vez mais
28. already = já
29. oil = petróleo
30. might be = pode ser
31. wind fuel = energia eólica (do vento)