What talent would you like to have?

Lindsay (United States): I wish that I was1 a ballet dancer. I think that would be really awesome2 to be able to stand on my tiptoes3 and be a beautiful ballerina dancer, like a swan4.

Matt (United States): If I could choose one talent over anything else5, I think that would be to be able6 to write nicely7. My handwriting is so poor that even I9 have trouble reading it. So, if I could magically get a new talent, that would be to have nice handwriting.

Shiloh (United States): I wish that I could play soccer. A lot of my friends enjoy playing soccer. When you travel to other parts of the world, people love soccer, and I'm always left out10 because I don't know what's going on11 and I'm no good. So, I feel that if I was able to play soccer, I would have an in with new friends and be able to meet11 some interesting new people.

Paul (England): I wish I was able to play the guitar to a high standard13. I have recently bought14 a guitar; however15, I'm yet able to play. It's something I feel that is also kind of a social thing16, where you can play a music, which people will always respond to and enjoy.

Tim (United States): I wish that I could sing. I can't sing very well, I feel, but there are a lot of people who think I would have a good singing voice. But since I'm not very confident17 with singing and never really try, I don't know how to get better18. So, I wish I was just better at it automatically.

Warren (Canada): I really wish I could speak some other languages. I studied French when I was a kid, and I actually have forgotten19 most of it now, so I would like to go back and learn that again. But I'd also be interested in learning some other languages as well20.


1.      I wish that I was = Eu desejaria ser

2.      Awesome = incrivel, fantástico

3.      stand on my tiptoes = ficar na ponta dos dedosne

4.      like a swan = como um cisne

5.      over anything else = sobre qualquer outra coisa

6.      to be able = ser capaz de

7.      nicely = satisfatoriamente

8.      handwriting = caligrafia

9.      even I = até mesmo eu

10.   left out = deixado de fora

11.   what's going on = o que está acontecendo

12.   meet = conhecer

13.   high standard = alto nível

14.   I have recently bought = eu comprei recentemente

15.   However = contudo

16.   kind of a social thing = tipo uma coisa social

17.   since I'm not very confident = uma vez que eu não sou muito confiante

18.   how to get better = como melhorar

19.   I actually have forgotten = eu na verdade esqueci

20.   as well = também