What makes a good teacher?

Cheryl (Guam):  What makes a good teacher? Well, I think that a good teacher is able to1 listen well to a student's concerns2, answer questions well, explain anything3 that the student might not understand4. I remember my favorite teacher in elementary school, she was always able to listen attentively5 to the students and in reverse6 we were able to listen attentively to her when she would explain or teach us something.

Ray (United States): One thing that makes a good teacher is somebody who7 has the ability to place8 themselves in the mind9 of the student, the person who is trying to learn10 whatever the subject is11. A lot of people who are experts12 in a field13, they know it very, very, very well, but they've forgotten what it was like to be14 somebody who doesn't know that field. So they take certain things for granted15 when they explain and as a result, they leave things out16 that somebody who doesn't know the field needs to know in order to17 understand what is being said18.

Demelza (Australia): I think what makes a good teacher is someone that can both19 identify20 what they think the students need in their class and also21 be able to provide a way22 that students can understand different things for example grammar23 and make the classroom an enjoyable experience24 too.

Jeff (Canada): What I think makes a good teacher is patience and love for your work. I think you have to love teaching25 to be a really good teacher. And I think you need patience and you really want to see the students succeed26. And that's what makes a good teacher I think. 

Nydja (United States): A good teacher is a person who challenges27 their students at every turn28 and breaks down29 their accepted norms and teaches them to be open to new ones30.

Hoa (Vietnam): What makes a good teacher? That's a hard question31. Well, I think a good teacher should be knowledgable32, first of all33. I think he or she should be dedicated to his work. He should be good at convincing34, talking -- what I mean35 is like they should have communication skills to interact with36 students and to make the students work. So maybe37 dedication, knowledge38, and communication skills could39 make a good teacher.


1.       is able to = é capaz de
2.       concerns = preocupações
3.       explain anything = explicar qualquer coisa
4.       might not understand = pode não entender
5.       attentively  = com atenção, atenciosamente
6.       in reverse = ao contrário
7.       somebody who = alguém que
8.       place = colocar
9.       mind = mente
10.   trying to learn = tentando aprender
11.   whatever the subject is = qualquer que seja a matéria
12.   experts = especialistas
13.   field = campo de conhecimento
14.   they've forgotten what it was like to be = eles esqueceram como era ser
15.   take certain things for granted = tomam certas coisas como certas
16.   leave things out = deixam coisas de for a
17.   in order to = a fim de
18.   what is being said = o que está sendo ditto
19.   both = tanto (uma coisa quanto outra)
20.   identify = identificar
21.   also = também
22.   provide a way = fornecer uma maneira
23.   grammar = gramática
24.   enjoyable experience = experiência agradável
25.   love teaching = amar ensinar
26.   succeed = ser bem sucedido
27.   challenges = desafia
28.   at every turn = em cada etapa
29.   breaks down = quebrar
30.   to be open to new ones = estarem abertos às novas (idéias)
31.   hard question = pergunta difícil
32.   should be knowledgable = deveria ser bem informado
33.   first of all = antes de qualquer coisa
34.   good at convincing = bom em convencer
35.   what I mean = o que eu quero dizer
36.   communication skills to interact with = habilidades de comunicação para interagir com
37.   maybe = talvez
38.   knowledge = conhecimento
39.   could = poderia