What kind of music do you like?

Jeff (Canada): What kind of music do I listen to? I listen to all kinds of1 music, every genre2 of music I have and the type of music I listen to depends on the type of mood3 I'm in, so if it's night time and I want to relax, I listen to classical. If I'm doing work, I want to listen to something mellow4 or if I'm exercising, I listen to something more upbeat5 so I love all kinds of music and it just depends on my mood.

Shibika (India): I like listening to Indian music in fact6, all kinds of Indian music, and I like listening to English music as well7 but I don't prefer to listen to rap.
Fred (Canada): My favorite music would have to be Jazz. I love Jazz from the bottom of my heart8. I think it's music that's suits9 me. It really brings out so many great emotions in me. It's also a way for me to relax and just enjoy10 my time and I just really love it. It makes me feel good.

Lupe (United States / Mexico): I'm a music lover so when people ask11 me what my favorite type of music is I really never have a straight answer. I love to listen to all types of music and I love listening to Spanish music, English Music. I have favorite singers13, not necessarily14 a favorite genre. I really listen to whatever15 I'm in the mood for. If I'm going out I love fast music so that I can16 dance. If I just want to relax, I'll listen maybe to a little bit of17 jazz, blues, or just lounging music.

Rebecca (Australia): What kind of music do I like? The music I like best is the bands that play live18 in the pubs. Generally19, they are really good to go and watch. We have a lot of bands come through my town where I live. Generally every Saturday night we go to a band and watch20 it. It's better than listening to it on the radio.

Swinky (Kenya): What kind of music do I like? My tastes21 are so diverse. I can't really point out22 what kind of music I like but I'm more inclined to R&B and you know nature music, like listening to whales23 listening to each other24 and I also like Bollywood music and reggae, some styles of reggae are really enjoyable25.

1.      all kinds of = todos os tipos de
2.      genre  = genero
3.      Mood = humor
4.      something mellow = algo jovial
5.      upbeat = movimentado
6.      in fact = na verdade
7.      as well = tambem
8.      from the bottom of my heart  = do fundo do meu coração
9.      suits = satisfaz
10.   enjoy = desfrutar
11.   ask = perguntar
12.   straight answer = resposta direta
13.   Singers = cantores
14.   Necessarily = necessariamente
15.   Whatever = o que quer que
16.   so that I can = de forma que eu possa
17.   a little bit of = um pouquinho de
18.   play live = tocam ao vivo
19.   Generally = geralmente
20.   Watch = assistir
21.   tastes = gostos
22.   point out = salientar, destacar
23.   whales = baleias
24.   listening to each other = ouvindo um(a) ao outro(a)
25.   enjoyable = agradavel