What kind of movies do you like?

Hoa (Vietnam): I love comedy because, you know, whenever1 you watch a movie you want to have fun2 and you want to relax so comedies, most of the time3, they always they bring us laughter4 and they bring the joy5 for you, so I like it. For the genre6 of movie that I don't like is horror movies because there is a lot of blood and there is a lot of killing7 and there is a lot of like devils8 in the movies and I just don't like that.

Jeff (Canada): A movie genre that I love is documentary style. I don't like wasting9 my time in these crazy Hollywood movies. I like to learn a little bit10 and extend my knowledge11. I find12 that documentary style does this. The genre that I hate13 is probably romantic comedy. I'm already married14, I don't have to go dating15 so I don't have to see these movies.Thank goodness!16

Cheryl (Guam): What is the movie genre I love and hate. Well I can tell you that I love the horror genre. More the silent, creepy17, psychological horror type but not the gross18 blood vampires, monsters, spattering everywhere19 type. I really love the Japanese horror movies because it's very silent and slow and the scariness20 is in your brain. It's not visible like in a monster or in a vampire or something. I don't think I hate any movie genre.

Mike (United States): I really love serious movies. I love dramas. Most people like action movies or comedies, maybe animation, and many people find dramas boring21, but I really like them. I think they're more interesting. Not the same22 old car chase23. Not the same old plot24. What can I say? They're great.

Mauro (Brazil): My favorite movie genre? Let me see. I like a lot of romantic movies. I like love stories. They're really pretty amazing25 but on the other hand26, what really makes me go to the theaters, what makes me rush to the theaters27, would be the horror movies because it's something like brings is very big emotion when you're there, so horror movies, not my favorite, but it's what makes me go to the theaters.

Jonathan (Canada): A genre of movie that I like. I can't say that there is only one genre I like. I usually like movies which go against the grain28 and maybe combine different genres. It's a drama at one point and then all of a sudden29 there is comedy. There's a little romance, some suspense, some violence and you are always kept on your toes30. You don't know what is coming next31. A movie for example like "Momento" or "The Usual Suspects" where you weren't sure32 which direction the movie was taking33.


1.     Whenever = sempre que
2.     have fun = divertir-se
3.     most of the time = a maior parte do tempo
4.     laughter = risadas
5.     joy = alegria
6.     genre = gênero
7.     killing = matança
8.     devils = demônios
9.     wasting = desperdiçar (waste)
10. learn a little bit= aprender um pouquinho
11. extend my knowledge = ampliar meu conhecimento
12. find = achar
13. hate = odiar
14. I'm already married = eu já sou casado
15. to go dating = ir namorar
16. Thank goodness! = Graças a Deus!
17. Creepy = arrepiante
18. Gross = bruto, grosseiro
19. spattering everywhere = espalhando para todos os lugares (sangue)
20. scariness = característica de ser assustador
21. boring = chato
22. the same = o mesmo
23. car chase = perseguição de carros
24. plot = conspiração
25. pretty amazing = muito incrível
26. on the other hand = por outro lado
27. rush to the theaters = corer para os cinemas
28. go against the grain = vão “contra a corrente”
29. all of a sudden = de repente
30. kept on your toes = ser mantido alerta
31. what is coming next = o que virá em seguida
32. you weren't sure = você não tinha certeza
33. taking = tomando (direção)