What is your life purpose?

Do you know your life purpose1? Many people earn2 a decent living3, but they would define success as much more than money. For many it is also about happiness, positive relationships4 and the ability to contribute to something you care about5. Here are 7 questions you should ask yourself if you are trying to discover your life purpose.

1. What were you passionate6 about as a child?
What did you find emotionally fulfilling7 when you were younger? Children are actively encouraged8 to follow9 their passions. However10, we often11 stop doing the things we were passionate about as a child. Often this is due to12 a lack of time13, or pressure from society to pursue14 something that comes with a  financial reward15.
Consider your childhood16 passions. Do you still practice your childhood passions? If not, why? Would you still feel passionately about the same things now?

2. If you didn’t have a job, how would you choose to fill17 those hours?
If you didn’t have to work how would you choose to spend that time? Where would you go? In the evenings18, many people like to relax and unwind19. Write down20 a few ways you would spend your free time, and then try one on your next day off21.

3. What makes you forget about the world around you?
When you are working on your life purpose, you often completely lose track of time22. Often people don’t notice23 the hours passing by, and can even24 forget to eat or drink until they have finished. When was the last time you felt this way25?

4. What issues26 do you hold close to your heart?
What topics do you like to read about? Think about what interests you most27 on the news, online, or in the area you love. From the environment28 to finding new recipes29, many people have passions that even30 they were unaware of31.

5. What kind of conversations do you have with your closest friends?
Most of the time when you are with your loved ones32, you only discuss subjects33 that you actually34 find interesting and fun35. Are there any subjects that you repeatedly bring up36 to talk about? This is often a great indicator of your life purpose.

6. What is on your “bucket list”37?
What do you want to accomplish38 before you die? Creating a bucket list is a great way to discover your life purpose, as the list will show you the activities you believe to be important and emotionally fulfilling.

7. If you had a dream, could you make it happen?
Many people have dreams, but choose not to pursue them due to the financial risks or fear of failure39. Start thinking about your dream in a more positive way, asking yourself ‘How can I make this happen?’ instead of40 telling yourself you won’t succeed41.

Try to let go of42 negative thoughts43 that could hold you back from achieving44 your life purpose. Instead45, try and do something every week that helps you to make your dreams come true46.


1.      Purpose = Propósito
2.      Earn = ganhar
3.      Living = sustento, subsistencia
4.      Relationships = relacionamentos
5.      something you care about = algo com o que vc se importe
6.      passionate = apaixonado
7.      fulfilling = realizador
8.      encouraged = encorajado
9.      follow = seguir
10.  However = contudo
11.  Often = frequentemente
12.  due to = devido a
13.    lack of time = falta de tempo
14.   Pursue = perseguir, buscar
15.   Reward = recompense
16.   Childhood = infancia
17.   Fill = preencher
18.   Evenings = noites
19.   Unwind = descontrair
20.   Write down = anote
21.   next day off = proximo dia de folga
22.   lose track of time = perder a noção do tempo
23.   notice = notar
24.   can even = pode até mesmo
25.   felt this way = sentiu-se desta forma
26.   issues = assuntos, questões
27.   what interests you most = O que mais te interessa
28.   environment = Meio ambiente
29.   recipes = receitas
30.   even = até mesmo
31.   were unaware of = desconheciam (estavam inconscientes de)
32.   your loved ones = aqueles que você ama
33.  subjects = assuntos
34.   actually = realmente
35.   find interesting and fun = acha interessante e divertido
36.   bring up = apresenta
37.   “bucket list” = “lista de balde” (lista de coisas a fazer antes de morrer)
38.   Accomplish = realizer
39.   fear of failure = medo do fracasso
40.   instead of = ao invés de
41.   succeed = ser bem sucedido
42.   Try to let go of = tente libertar-se de
43.   Thoughts = pensamentos
44.   hold you back from achieving = impedi-lo de alcançar
45.   Instead = ao invés disso
make your dreams come true = realizar seus sonhos