What is your favorite sport?

Aki (Japan): I like rugby. I like watching rugby. There's a lot of actions. There are a lot of nice looking1 guys, you know, nice movements, also the pace2 of the games goes fast, so a lot of scoring, and I enjoy it.

Matthew (England): Well, I was born and raised3 in England so I enjoy English sports. Cricket and soccer. I played rugby when I was young, but I also like things like4 snooker as well5 if I'm going to play any sport at all6, it's probably going to be something like snooker.

Chris (England): I love playing rugby. I can't do it very often7 and usually when I do it I end up hurt8 for a week but it's a good kind of pain8, and I like team games very much, so rugby is a good game to play for that.

Lindsay (United States): I love to play tennis. I think it's a really fun sport10 but I actually11 don't like to watch it. I think it's pretty boring12 to watch and I love to watch basketball. I think it's so cool13 to watch the ball go back and forth14. It's very fast paced15, and I love watching the players dunk15, but I hate16 to play basketball cause I have really bad motor-reflexes and I can't dunk.

Lori (Canada): I'm not a big sports fan. I have to say I don't really enjoy team sports or organized sports, but for myself I enjoy swimming18, especially in the ocean and something I can do by myself, like yoga.

Eoin (England): What sports do I like to play? Well, in terms of exercising, I like to cycle19. I'm not so keen on20 competitive sports anymore21 though22 I used to play23 soccer - football - quite a lot24. In terms of watching sports, I really like watching football - soccer.


1.      nice looking = de boa aparencia (bonito(a))
2.      pace = velocidade
3.      I was born and raised = eu nasci e cresci
4.      things like  = coisas como
5.      as well = também
6.      at all = absolutamente
7.      very often = muito frequentemente
8.      end up hurt = acabo machucado
9.      Pain = dor, sofrimento
10.   really fun sport = esporte muito divertido
11.   actually = na verdade
12.   pretty boring = bastante chato
13.   so cool = tão legal
14.   go back and forth = ir pra frente e pra trás
15.   fast paced = de alta velocidade
16.   dunk = dar “enterradas” (basquete)
17.   hate = odiar
18.   swimming = natação
19.   cycle = andar de bicicleta
20.   keen on = adepto de
21.   anymore = mais
22.   though = contudo
23.   used to play = costumava jogar
24.   quite a lot = bastante