What is your favorite season?

Lindsay / United States : My favorite season1 is summer2. I love summer. There is no school. It's warm3. The sun sets late4. You can sit5 on your balcony6 and drink a beer and barbecue7. I just think it's fabulous. My least favorite8 then obviously is winter9, because the sun goes down early, you can't go on your balcony and relax, it's freezing cold10, and it's just not an enjoyable11 season at all12.

Kat / Germany: My favorite season is winter, because there's a lot of snow13, and it's cold outside14, and it's just beautiful. When the countryside15 is covered with16 snow, it's just perfectly white, and I think that's amazing17. Also, I love to build snowman18, have snowball fights19 with my friends, so that is definitely my favorite season. My least favorite season is summer, because it's too hot. I really don't like the heat20.

Matt / United States: My favorite season is springtime21, because everything is getting all flowery22 and new and fresh again. My least favorite season, however23, is fall24 because I know that it's going to be getting cold soon25, and you can't predict26 if it's going to be a warm day or a cold day. And sometimes27, you think it's going to be a warm day in the fall, but all of a sudden28 it gets very cold29 and you don't have your jacket with you.

Warren / Canada : My favorite season would be summer. It's pretty30 cold in Canada, and it's nice to have a long, sunny31, dry32 summer, and there's a lot of outdoor33 things you can do then, and it just feels better34. My least favorite is definitely winter, because it's cold, and you don't want to get outside35, you want to stay inside more. I think it can be a little depressing36.

Antoinette / United States: My favorite season would probably be autumn37. I love the changing of the leaves38. I love the colors and the mountains. I love the crisp39 autumn wind40 that blows the leaves around41. And I love walking around42 in that crisp autumn air to come home to a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Rese / Botswana: Well, in my country, we've only got43 two seasons. It would be summer and winter. So, I'd say44 my favorite is summer, because of45 the sun and the warm weather46, you can hang out47 with friends and do pretty much anything48 you want to do. I guess49 winter I don't like so much, because I can't handle50 the cold and there's not really that much to do51 when it's cold weather.

1.    Season = estação
2.    Summer = verão
3.    Warm = quente
4.    The sun sets late = o sol se põe mais tarde
5.    Sit = sentar-se
6.    Balcony = varanda, terraço
7.    Barbecue = churrasco
8.    least favorite = menos favorite(a)
9.    winter = inverno
10.  freezing cold = frio de gelar
11.  enjoyable = agradável
12.  at all = absolutamente
13.  there's a lot of snow = há muita neve
14.  outside = do lado de fora
15.  countryside = campo, região rural
16.  covered with = coberto com
17.  amazing = incrível
18.  to build snowman = construir boneco de neve
19.  snowball fights = Guerra com bolas de neve
20.  heat = calor
21.  springtime = primavera
22.  getting all flowery = ficando tudo florido
23.  however = contudo
24.  fall = outuno
25.  it's going to be getting cold soon = está para ficar frio em breve
26.  predict  = prever
27.  sometimes = as vezes
28.  all of a sudden  = de repente
29.  it gets very cold = fica muito frio
30.  pretty = bastante
31.  sunny = ensolarado
32.  dry = seco
33.  outdoor = ao ar livre
34.  just feels better = simplesmente parece melhor
35.  to get outside = ir para fora
36.  a little depressing = um pouco depressivo
37.  autumn = outono
38.  changing of the leaves = mudança das folhas
39.  crisp  = fresco
40.  wind = vento
41.  blows the leaves around = sopra as folhas
42.  walking around = dar uma volta
43.  we've only got = nós temos apenas
44.  So, I'd say = então eu diria
45.  because of = por causa de
46.  warm weather = clima quente
47.  hang out = “dar um role”, sair para curtir
48.  pretty much anything = praticamente qualquer coisa
49.  guess = acho
50.  I can't handle  = não consigo aguentar
51.  there's really not that much to do = não há realmente muito para fazer