What country would you like to visit?

Martin (The United States): The one country I would most like1 to visit would have to be New Zealand. Many reasons, the number one being2 it looks like3 an absolutely gorgeous4 country, especially having seen Lord of the Rings5 and that is one of my favorite movies. Another reason is, I've never been6 south of the equator and I'd really like to see if the water flushes in reverse7, but on the, by and large8 New Zealand looks like the most amazing9 country and I've met10 a lot of nice people from there.

Akane (Canada): One country that I would like to visit is France. I've never been to France before but I've heard many things11 about it because my father and my mother went to France on their honeymoon12 and so they have very good memories about France and I can also speak some French so it would be nice to get some practice13.

Todd (The United States): If I could visit any country in the world, believe it or not, I'd go to Canada. I'm from America and Canada is our neighbor to the north and I've never been there and I live overseas14. I've been to many countries, probably 25 at least15, Japan, France, Italy, Thailand, many, many places, but I've never been to Canada and I have so many16 Canadian friends that I would really like to go to Canada and see their country for the first time.

Naomi (Australia): One country that I would really like to visit is Vietnam. I've never been anywhere17 in that area of Asia actually18 but I've seen a lot of footage19 of Vietnam on television and it looks really beautiful. I think you can take20 relaxing boat cruises21 through the lagoons and small islands and also I heard that the food there is really tasty22 so I would like to visit there one day.

Ruth (England): One country I'd really like to visit is actually23 Malawi. Now I would like to go to Malawi because my mom24 used25 to work there. She lived there for two years, and I've seen some of her photos and it looks amazing, so I'd like to go there. I'd like to go there with my mum so that I can learn26 more about the places that she went to and see some of the things that she saw27. That's where I'd like to go.

Simon (Canada): Yeah, one country where I'd like to visit again would be Cuba. Cuba is great. It has tropical weather28, interesting Latin culture and music, a strange government system that has made 1950's cars common and behive haircuts29 mixed with30 hip-hop gear31, fashions32, yeah, really, really cool33, plus34 the architecture.

1.      I would most like = que eu mais gostaria
2.      Being = sendo
3.      looks like = parece
4.      gorgeous = deslumbrante, esplêndido
5.      Lord of the Rings = O senhor dos anéis
6.      I've never been = eu nunca estive
7.      flushes in reverse = fluem ao contrário
8.      by and large = de uma maneira geral
9.      Amazing = incrível
10.   Met = conheci
11.   I've heard many things = Eu ouvi muitas coisas
12.   Honeymoon = lua de mel
13.   get some practice = praticar um pouco
14.   overseas = no exterior
15.   at least = pelo menos
16.   so many = tantos
17.   anywhere = em nenhum lugar
18.   actually = na verdade
19.   footage  = filmes, filmagens
20.   Take = fazer
21.   boat cruises = passeios de barco
22.   tasty = saboroso(a)
23.   actually = realmente
24.   mom = mãe
25.   used = costumava
26.   so that I can learn = para que eu possa aprender
27.   saw = viu
28.   tropical weather = clima tropical
29.   behive haircuts = cortes de cabelo em forma de colmeia
30.   mixed with = misturado com
31.   gear = equipamento
32.   fashions = modas, costumes
33.   cool = legal

34.   plus = mais