What annoys you when you go to the movies?

Paul (England): The typical thing that annoys1 people, or annoys me, in the theater is the rustling and crunching2 of different food types, and also the kicking3, whether it's intended or not4, the kicking of the back of your seat5. And also, in some cultures, sniffing6 and coughing7 is accepted, whereas in others8, it isn't. In my culture, it isn't, and therefore9, I find this habit rather irritating10.

Tim (United States): One of the things that annoys me the most is when I can hear people chewing11. So, if people are eating their food and making a lot of noise12 when they chew, it really bothers13 me. And that also happens outside of the theater, if someone is having dinner with me and chewing out loud14, it really bothers me. But it's hard to get them to stop15, because they usually don't know that they're doing it.

Sarah (England): The most annoying thing16 I find in a movie theater17 would be when someone has a new bag of popcorn or a new bag of sweets18 and they open it up halfway through the film19 and be rustling20 behind21 you. You can always hear that more than the film.

Warren (Canada): Well, sometimes, teenagers22 can be a little obnoxious23 in the theaters, I've been hit by24 a few popcorn kernels25 or two in the past, and that could be quite annoying26. I think they're just having fun27, pulling pranks28 on some people, but it's difficult when you're trying to watch a movie.

Lindsay (United States): The most annoying thing is when they actually bring their babies or their children. I don't understand why they're bringing them, especially to a late-night movie29, and then the baby starts to cry or it gets restless30. I don't feel bad for31 the baby; I feel bad for the people. And I feel mad at32 the people; I mean33, why are they bringing their baby to this movie?

Dani (England): Me, especially, it's talking33. Or like if they won't be quiet and you're trying to watch a movie, that really annoys me. Although35 the one that really annoys my mom, especially, is when they kick the back of your seat. Always she uses to get36 that one kid who makes that.


1.     Annoys = Irritar
2.     Crunching = mastigando com barulho
3.     kicking = chute
4.     whether it's intended or not = quer seja intencional ou não
5.     back of your seat = Costas de sua poltrona
6.     sniffing = fungando
7.     coughing = tussindo
8.     whereas in others = enquanto que em outros
9.     therefore = portanto
10.  rather irritating = um tanto irritante
11.  chewing = mastigando
12.  noise = barulho
13.  bothers = incomoda
14.  out loud = bem alto (em som alto)
15.  get them to stop = faze-los parar
16.  The most annoying thing = a coisa mais irritante
17.  movie theater = cinema
18.  sweets = doces
19.  halfway through the film = no meio do filme
20.  rustling = fazendo barulho
21.  behind = atrás
22.  teenagers = adolescents
23.  obnoxious = obnóxio (desagradável)
24.  hit by = atingido por
25.  popcorn kernels = grãos de pipoca
26.  quite annoying = bastante irritante
27.  just having fun = simplesmente se divertindo
28.  pulling pranks = pregando peças
29.  late-night movie = filme de fim de noite
30.  restless = inquieto, agitado
31.  feel bad for = sentir-se mal por
32.  feel mad at = ficar com raiva de
33.  mean = querer dizer
34.  talking = conversar
35.  Although = embora
36.  she uses to get = Ela costuma costuma pegar