The power of positivity

How important to you is being happy in your work? Well, there is actually1 a growing research2 to suggest that happiness3 at work and maintaining a positive outlook4, are way more important5 for your career, as well as6 your general well-being7 than you might have imagined.

So if you are the kind of person who might classify positive thinking as “bull shit”8, you might want to check out9 recent findings10 from the University of North Carolina.
Clinical psychologists have discovered that positivity opens the brain11 up so that12 you see more possibilities than when you feel negative.  When you experience happiness or joy13, your brain is receptive to a broader range14 of options. Great, but what does that have to do with15 you or your career? Well think about it for a minute.

Positive Thinking Builds Skills16. The happier you feel17, the more inclined you are to open yourself up to new options, opportunities, and experiences. And the more likely18 you are to learn and acquire19 new skills and competencies.
Think of the happy kid in the school patio – the one who20 plays, interacts, runs around with a ball. That kid is building physical resistance, sports aptitudes, and social capabilities. And the same can be applied21 to you in your workplace22.

Putting it simply23, when you are happy you are receptive to learning. Now think  about how that might play out in a work situation or in terms of your professional development24.
What are the likely25 dividends when it comes to26 exploring and learning – not to mention27, seeing greater possibilities, and solutions to problems. Does that sound familiar? It should.

Problem-solving capabilities are key skills28 in any field that leverages29 technology, whatever your role30, whatever your organization. Innovative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking are the attributes that drive careers and businesses across the sector. Sounds good, right?31 Well, the benefits of thinking positively do not stop there.

Stress Busting32:
It is well documented that positive thinking is a major stress buster33 too.
Research  indicates that people with a positive outlook are less likely to suffer depression, anxiety34, and even certain illnesses35 – cardio-vascular illness being high on the list. Reducing stress empowers36 you to be much more functional at work. It means that you are better equipped to handle37  high-pressure responsibilities.

 Knowing how to reduce stress helps you to clear your mind, see the possibilities, and solve problems.So how do you become38 more positive in your thinking?

Getting Positive:Well, why not spend some time thinking about what makes you happy and relaxed?
It might be39 sport, it might be music. It might be travelling to new places or spending time with people you love. Beyond40 that, there are three specific things you could try.

Meditation: Deep breathing41 and some form of meditation on a regular basis have been seen to boost positive emotions and relaxation. Why not start your day with a few minutes dedicated to relaxing your mind. Find out if there’s42 a meditation center near you.

Writing: You might also want to try writing. Engage your imagination and creativity to write about positive things – things that make you feel good.

Time for Play: Do not forget about the power of play. So much of our lives are devoted to work and other responsibilities – why not ensure that you have time scheduled43 for fun every week? Take some time to figure out what it is that makes you happy and prioritize it as part of your routine. The benefits will go way beyond44 just making you smile.

1.       there is actually = existe, na verdade
2.       growing research = crescente  pesquisa
3.       happiness = felicidade
4.       maintaining a positive outlook = manter uma perspective positive
5.       way more important = muito mais importante
6.       as well as = assim como
7.       well-being = bem estar
8.       “bull shit” = bobagem
9.       check out = checar, verificar
10.   findings = descobertas
11.   brain = cérebro
12.   so that = de forma que
13.   joy = alegria
14.   broader range = gama (variedade) mais ampla
15.   what does that have to do with = o que isso tem a ver com
16.   Skills = habilidades
17.   The happier you feel = quanto mais feliz voce se sente…
18.   the more likely = mais provável
19.   acquire = adquirir
20.   the one who = aquele que
21.   the same can be applied = o mesmo pode ser aplicado
22.   workplace = local de trabalho
23.   putting it simply = colocando de uma forma simples
24.   development = desenvolvimento
25.   likely = provavel
26.   when it comes to = quando se trata de
27.   not to mention = sem mencionar
28.   key skills = habilidades chave
29.   leverages = influencia
30.   whatever your role = qualquer que seja seu papel
31.  Sounds good, right? = parece legal, certo
32.  Busting = “destruidor”
33.  Buster = “destruidor”
34.  Anxiety = ansiedade
35.   even certain illnesses = até mesmo certas doenças
36.   empowers= capacita
37.   handle = lidar com
38.   become = tornar-se
39.   might be = pode ser
40.   Beyond = Além
41.   Deep breathing = respiração profunda
42.   Find out if there’s = descubra se existe
43.   Scheduled = agendado
44.   way beyond = muito além