On line learning

Nowadays1online learning2, or “e learning” has been more and more practiced3. Many traditional universities started to share4 their courses online for free.
It represents an easy and comfortable method to achieve knowledge5 in almost6 every field, from law and accounting7, to human sciences, such as8 psychology and sociology or history. Online learning is a great alternative to traditional universities, especially for people who can’t afford the time9 and money to take real courses.
Online Learning is not for everyone. Because it offers10 the flexibility to fit11 into a student’s available12 time schedule13, an online Learning student must have14 the self discipline to work the material on a consistent and regular basis in order to15 keep up with16 the rest of their classmates17.
Although you may not be18 sitting in a classroom with other students, online learning courses are often comprised of19 a group of students, who learn the material separately, but simultaneously and are expected to interact with one another20 through an online classroom management system21.
Benefits of online learning: Your schedule, your pace22, your place. If you can maintain the necessary self-discipline, the benefits of online Learning are almost too numerous to count23. You can study the material when you have time and review24 it as often as25 you need. There are no parking26 problems or expenses27, transportation fees28, housing and food service fees.
Online learning allows29 learners to study at their own pace, whether they are30 students, busy adults, or employees31. They can build their own learning schedule32 and choose33 where and when to learn. They can keep up with34 their learning wherever35 they are: at home, on a bus, in the park, as long as36 they have a mobile device37 with them.
Not only38 learners are able to begin their online learning immediately, but they are also able to39 see immediate results. Furthermore40, online learning allows for immediate access to additional online resources41
Disadvantages42 of Online Learning: Only in a small group a person can develop properly43. At school, students learn how to make friends, be patient and especially to compete. Competition between colleagues44 can be very stimulating and students will only benefit from it45. Online learning cannot offer human interaction.
Another disadvantage refers to the fact that online courses cannot deal with46 thousands of students that try to join47 discussions. Also48, online learning can be difficult, if it is meant for49 disciplines that involve practice.
In conclusion, online learning should be seen50 as a complement and extension of classical forms of learning. Not even51 the best online course can fully replace52 the personal contact with a teacher, or the human relationships that develop in a group.

1.    Nowadays = hoje em dia
2.    online learning = aprendizado on-line
3.    has been more and more practiced = tem sido cada vez mais praticada
4.    share = compartilhar
5.    achieve knowledge = atingir o conhecimento
6.    almost = quase
7.    law and accounting = direito e contabilidade
8.    such as = tais como
9.    can’t afford the time = não dispõe de tempo
10. offers = oferece
11. fit = encaixar
12. available = disponivel
13. time schedule = horário, agenda
14. must have = deve ter
15. in order to = a fim de
16. keep up with = acompanhar
17. classmates = colegas de classe
18. Although you may not be = embora você possa não estar
19. comprised of = composto de
20. interact with one another = interagir uns com os outros
21. classroom management system = sistema de gerenciamento de sala de aula
22. pace = ritmo
23. too numerous to count = numerosos demais para contar
24. review = revisar
25. as often as = tão frequentemente quanto
26. parking = estacionamento
27. expenses = despesas
28. fees = custos, honorários
29. allows = permite
30. whether = quer eles sejam
31. employees = empregados
32. schedule = agenda
33. choose = escolher
34. keep up with = acompanhar
35. wherever = onde quer que
36. as long as  = contanto que
37. mobile device = dispositivo móvel
38. Not only = não somente
39. able to = capazes de
40. Furthermore = além do mais, além disso
41. Resources = recursos
42. Disadvantages = desvantagens
43. develop properly = desenvolver-se adequadamente
44. colleagues = colegas
45. benefit = beneficiarem-se disso
46. deal with = lidar com
47. join = participar de, juntar-se a
48. Also = também (além disso)
49. meant for = destinado a
50. should be seen = deveria ser visto
51. Not even = nem mesmo
52. fully replace = substituir totalmente