How to start an interesting conversation

During1 a conversation with friends, colleagues, or people you have newly met2, at times you just have nothing to talk about. When it  happens, you can't think of any good conversation topics and that brings an awkward silence3 in the communication. Everyone in the group then starts expecting someone else to start a conversation and a discussion that could have been fun4, never even begins5.

Conversations are so important, you know? It's through6 them that ideas evolve7, it's because of them that cordial relations are maintained8, and it's due to9 them that conflicts can be resolved. Conversations enable10 a healthy exchange of ideas11, they help bridge distances12, and allow13 the building of friendships. It's through14 conversations that we get to know15 people, we are able to socialize, and we can establish a connection with those we like.

Here we give you topics that help you start a conversation and also make it interesting. What makes a topic of conversation interesting? Well, it should invite wide16 participation, which is to say it should interest the majority17.

 For this to happen, it should be chosen18 based on the age group19 and interests of the people involved. Discussing something that is currently20 making the news, travel experiences, incidents of having met21 new people, narrating amazing22 experiences in one's life23, or information about things less known, make for interesting conversation topics.

Similarly, based on the age and interests of the group, topics related to24 sports, celebrities, technology, science, or philosophy can be used. If it's a group of strangers or if you are initiating a conversation with someone you have just met25, you will have to first understand their interests through questions like what their hobbies or fields of interest26 are. Then you could start a conversation on politics, business, economics, sports, entertainment, or a topic that's in the news.

To begin a conversation, you could narrate an interesting incident in your life or a funny27 story you have read or heard. This helps you get the group's interest. Or you could voice28 your opinions on something and then invite their views on the same29. This allows everyone to take part in the conversation and makes them feel involved

It's very common to start a conversation with a "How are you?" and then ask about one's favorite book, movie, travel destination, and things like this30. But to give an interesting start to the conversation, some questions like these could help:

✦ What's the meaning31 of your name?
✦Who is the most influential32 person in your life?
✦Which historical figure, famous personality or book/movie character33 do you best identify with and why?
✦What kind of music do you like or dislike? Why?
✦Where would you never like to go? Why?
✦ Have you had a life-changing experience?34 What was it?
✦What is that one thing you can't live without35?
✦How would you describe36 your childhood37?
✦Who in your family or friend circle are you the closest38 to and why?
✦What's your idea of a perfect holiday?
✦If you get a day off39, how would you like to spend it?
✦Where do you see yourself in another five years?
✦Whose company do you enjoy the most?


1.    During = durante
2.    people you have newly met = Pessoas que você conheceu recentemente
3.    awkward silence = silêncio constrangedor
4.    could have been fun = Poderia ter sido divertido
5.    never even begins = nunca sequer começa
6.    through = através
7.    evolve = desenvolve-se
8.    maintained = mantido(a)
9.    due to = devido a
10.  enable = possibilitar
11.  healthy exchange of ideas = troca saudável de idéias
12.  bridge = transpor distâncias
13.  allow = permitir
14.  through = através
15.  get to know = vir a conhecer
16.  wide = amplo(a)
17.  majority = maioria
18.  should be chosen = deveria ser escolhida
19.  age group = faixa etária
20.  currently = atualmente
21.  having met = ter conhecido
22.  amazing = incrível
23.  in one's life = na vida de alguém
24.  related to = relacionados a
25.  have just met = acabou de conhecer
26.  fields of interest = campos de interesse
27.  funny = engraçado(a)
28.  voice = expresser
29.  on the same = sobre o mesmo
30.  things like this = coisas deste tipo
31.  meaning = significado
32.  influential = influente
33.  character = personagem
34.  life-changing experience = experiencia de mudança de vida
35.  can't live without = não consegue viver sem
36.  describe = descrever
37.  childhood = infancia
38.  the closest = o mais próximo (íntimo)
39.  get a day off = obtiver um dia de folga