How do you stay in shape?

Matthew (Canada): I ride1 my bicycle. I like to ride my bicycle around most of the time, if I'm able to2 I'll ride a bicycle to work, and also I like to walk everywhere. I've never owned a car3, so I tend to4 walk a lot of different places.

Lindsay (United States): I like to go running5 two or three times a week, but to be honest Im not the best runner6. I only ... I probably walk for fifteen minutes, then run for ten, and then walk for another fifteen minutes. I'm hoping7 someday I can work up to run, to do running for at least8 twenty minutes.

Paul (England): I like to go to the gym9 a few times10 a week, I like to go to the gym. I really like running but at the moment it's quite cold11 outside so I don't like to go running outside so I usually go to the gym and use the treadmill12.

Aki (Japan): Every week I go to yoga. I also go do some walking13. I also do some push-ups14 every day, but that's about it. I also try to control what I eat. I don't eat that much oily food15, or I don't drink much alcohol, so I guess16 that's how I try18 to keep fit19.

Eoin (England): To stay in shape19, I try and walk a lot, is one thing, and also I cycle20 into work two or three times a week. Now that might not sound like much21 but I actually22 work on top of a mountain, so that's a fair amount of23 exercise. It takes me about24 thirty, forty minutes.

Shalini (Canada): Exercise? Including ... going to the gym, doing yoga, dancing, hiking25, whatever ... whatever26 physical activity I can get my hand on that doesn't involve really going to the gym would be preferable27.


1.      Ride = andar (bicicleta)
2.      able to = capaz de
3.      I've never owned a car = Eu nunca possui um carro
4.      tend to = tender a
5.      to go running = ir corer
6.      runner = corredor(a)
7.      hoping = esperando
8.      at least = pelo menos
9.      gym = academia
10.   few times = poucas vezes
11.   quite cold = bastante frio
12.   treadmill = esteira
13.   do some walking = fazer alguma caminhada
14.   push-ups = flexões
15.   oily food = comida oleosa
16.   guess = acho
17.   that's how I try = é assim que eu tento
18.   to keep fit = manter a forma
19.   stay in shape = ficar em forma
20.   cycle = pedalar
21.   might not sound like much = pode não parecer muito
22.   actually = na verdade
23.   a fair amount of = uma grande quantidade de
24.   takes me about = leva-me aproximadamente
25.   hiking = caminhada
26.   whatever = qualquer que seja
27.   preferable = preferível