Have you ever been involved in an accident?

Helen (Canada): Yes, I have actually1. It was just shortly after2 I got3 my driver's license4. I was driving in a parking lot5 and I was going through6 a small intersection7 and I looked to my left, and there was8 a car coming towards me9 and it was actually going a lot faster than I thought10, so it basically slammed11 right into12 my car. Thankfully13 neither myself, nor14 my sister were injured15.

Amir (Iran): Yeah, I had an accident when I was nine years old - a car accident. I stole16 a key from my mom and I drove17 this car although I couldn't reach18 the pedals. I had to go down19 and reach the pedal, come up20 and then look at the window to see where I am going, and I hit21 the garage of one of my neighbors, and so hard that the door was falling22 and I was ... the car was under the garage. That was my accident and it was really scary23 because a few minutes earlier24, children were playing there and their mom asked them to wear socks25 because they were going to a party and as soon as26 they entered the house this accident happened, so they were screaming27, I was screaming. It was scary.

Lindsay (United States): I have been in an accident one time. I was making a left turn28, and the car hit the side of my car. It was coming straight28 at me. I shouldn't have made30 the left turn. It was completely my fault31, and we had to pull over32, and my car was ruined33, and the front of their car was ruined, and the police had to come. And I was really shaken up34. I was only actually sixteen at the time, and after that I decided to become35 a very careful driver36 and I have not been in an accident since37.

Paul (England): A serious accident? OK. When I was in Thailand, I rented38 a motorbike39 for the day with my girlfriend actually because we were planning to drive to the other side of the island to do some diving40. I don't know if you've been to Thailand but on the ... the roads were ... they were not very safe41 and I started to slide42 and then I tried to control the bike, but unfortunately43 it slipped from under me44 and we both45 fell off the bike46.

Matthew (England): Yes, I have. When I was sixteen, I was riding my bicycle47 home from work somebody else48 pulled49 their bicycle in front of me and I hit them and flew over50 their handle bars51 and broke my arm.

Shalini (Canada): Yes, I have actually. It was a car accident and it wasn't very serious but it was supposedly52 my fault, although53 I tend to disagree54, but I was pulling out into a busy street and I didn't see that there were two lanes55, and yeah, the car came up and hit me on the side. That was it. It was my fault. I had to pay.


1.      Actually = na verdade
2.      shortly after = logo após
3.      got = obtive
4.      driver's license = carteira de motorista
5.      parking lot = estacionamento
6.      I was going through = eu estava passando por
7.      Intersection = cruzamento
8.      there was = havia
9.      coming towards me = vindo em minha direção
10.  a lot faster than I thought = muito mais rápido do que eu pensava
11.  slammed = bateu, colidiu
12.  right into = direto em
13.  Thankfully = agradecidamente
14.  neither myself, nor = nem eu nem…
15.  injured = feridas
16.  stole = roubei
17.  drove = dirigi
18.  although I couldn't reach = embora eu não pudesse alcançar os pedais
19.  go down = descer
20.  come up = subia
21.  hit = atingi
22.  falling = caindo
23.  scary = assustado
24.  a few minutes earlier = alguns minutos mais cedo
25.  wear socks = vestir meias
26.  as soon as = assim que
27.  screaming = gritando
28.  left turn = curva (conversão) à esquerda
29.  straight = direto
30.  I shouldn't have made = eu não deveria ter feito
31.  fault = falha, erro
32.  pull over = estacionar, encostar o carro
33.  ruined = destruido
34.  shaken up = abalada
35.  Become = tornar-se
36.  very careful driver = motorista muito cuidadosa
37.  since = desde então
38.  rented = aluguei
39.  motorbike = motocicleta
40.  diving = mergulho
41.  safe = seguro(a)
42.  slide = derrapar
43.  unfortunately = infelizmente
44.  slipped from under me = deslizou debaixo de mim
45.  both = ambos
46.  fell off the bike = caimos da moto
47.  riding my bicycle = pedalando minha bicicleta
48.  somebody else  = uma outra pessoa
49.  pulled = puxou
50.  flew over = voei por cima
51.  handle bars = guidão
52.  supposedly = supostamente
53.  although = embora
54.  I tend to disagree = eu tenda a discordar
55.  Lanes = pistas