Do you prefer to study alone or in groups?

Katia (Mexico): I prefer studying alone1, because if I have to work on one particular issue2, I stay as long as I need3 to, studying that part. So, I'd rather4 study by myself5.

Sunny (Korea): I think I prefer studying in groups, because I can find out6 many things that I haven't thought about7, and then we can do some little chit-chats8 after the work…after studying.

Dani (England): Alone, definitely9. I kind of like to be in control of my own learning10. I feel like11 with groups, it's too12 easy to get distracted13.

Shiloh (United States): I definitely prefer studying alone. Like I said before14 about team sports, I am an individualist. I like working in teams theoretically15, but a lot of times16, it doesn't work17. My problem is that a lot of the time, I don't study for tests until the night before18, so it's difficult to get groups together19 and study for the test. And I find that although20 maybe you learn better when you're studying in groups, it takes a lot longer21 and you get a lot less done22 in the same23 period of time. So, when I'm by myself, I'm able to24 just power through25 the material and study hard and get it done26.

Phoebe  (China): Do you like to study alone or in a group? My answer27 will be in a group. Definitely. Because when you study alone you have… you need to have high28 self-motivation29. I'm kind of lack of that30, so I need a group.
Gareth (England): I prefer studying alone, but I like to collaborate with other people and to discuss ideas. I think collaboration can help you to develop31 your own ideas and see things from a different point of view32.


1.       alone = sozinho(a)
2.       particular issue = questão específica
3.       as long as I need = o tempo que eu precisar
4.       I'd rather = eu prefereria
5.       by myself = sozinho(a)
6.        find out  = descobrir
7.       I haven't thought about = sobre as quais eu não pensei
8.       chit-chats = bate-papos
9.       definitely = definitivamente
10.   my own learning = meu próprio aprendizado
11.   feel like = sinto como se
12.   too = demais
13.   to get distracted = distrair-se
14.   Like I said before = como eu disse antes
15.   Theoretically = em teoria, teoricamente
16.   a lot of times = muitas vezes
17.   it doesn't work = não funciona
18.   until the night before = até a noite anterior
19.   get groups together
20.   although = embora
21.   takes a lot longer = leva muito mais tempo
22.   get a lot less done = faz muito menos
23.   same = mesmo
24.   I'm able to = sou capaz de
25.   power through = persistir, ir até o final de algo difícil
26.   get it done = terminar, fazer
27.   answer = resposta
28.   high = alto(a)
29.   self-motivation = automotivação
30.   I'm kind of lack of that = Eu tipo que careço disso
31.   Develop = desenvolver
32.   point of view = ponto de vista