Do you prefer books or magazines?

Chris, (Belgium): I prefer magazines over1 books because I just cannot spend2 that much time3 reading a book. It takes just too much time4, and a magazine, well you can read it on the toilet. You can read it on the train. You can read it in the car if you have to wait for somebody. It's much more nicer5Times passes by6 and you don't have to invest that much time, like for example if you would have to read a whole book7.

Buddhi (Sri Lanka): Do I prefer books or magazines? I'll say magazines cause I don't like to read for too long8. I actually9 don't read for too long, so I prefer short articles10 or something interesting that would finish quickly11. I don't like to read for too long. I know that's a bad habit12. I gotta work on it13 but I prefer magazines.

Tom (United Kingdom): I read a lot of books. Magazines ... uh, very pretty14 and they look nice15 on the shelves16 but I almost never17 look through18 them. I'm not interested in the advertising19, but give me a good book, and I can read it for hours and hours.

Aiste (Lithuania): I think books are really nicer20 to read, but at present I read most books from my major area21, and as about22 magazines, so most of the time23 I don't read magazines. I just take them and scan24 them while checking out the pictures25 and what is the major topic out of if it but about reading, I think it's a little bit26 too shallow27.

Chrystal (United States): I prefer both28. Actually, I like both, but then if I were to choose29, I would choose magazines because they have ... they're more easier30 and books are ... honestly, they're boring31. I fall asleep all the time32. They say that magazines are not good for your imagination, so it's really good to read books more when you're a child33, but I don't think that's quite necessarily true34 because magazines also provide35 a good pictures and colors and I think it's more better for imagination.

David (Kenya): What do I prefer between36 books or magazines. I'm more into magazines cause they're interesting and easy to follow37. Both, they are good but you know you have to go to ... I have to go to like38deeper level39 to it and sometimes it's boring for me.


1.      Over = sobre, mais que
2.      cannot spend = não consigo passar
3.      that much time = tanto tempo
4.      takes just too much time = simplesmente leva tempo demais
5.      much more nicer = muito mais legal
6.      Times passes by = o tempo passa
7.      a whole book = um livro inteiro
8.      read for too long = ler por muito tempo
9.      actually = na verdade
10.   short articles = artigos curtos
11.   quickly = rapidamente
12.   bad habit = hábito ruim
13.   I gotta work on it = EU tenho que trabalhar nisto
14.   very pretty = muito, bastante
15.   look nice = parecem legais
16.   on the shelves = nas prateleiras
17.   almost never = quase nunca
18.   look through = examinar, olhar
19.   advertising = propaganda , publicidade
20.   really nicer = realmente mais legais
21.   major area = area mais importante
22.   as about = quanto a
23.   most of the time = a maior parte do tempo, a maioria das vezes
24.   scan = examinar
25.   while checking out the pictures = enquanto examine as fotos
26.   a little bit = um pouco
27.   too shallow = superficial demais
28.   both = ambos
29.   I were to choose = se eu fosse escolher
30.   more easier = mais fácil
31.   boring = chato
32.   I fall asleep all the time = Eu adormeço o tempo todo
33.   Child = criança
34.   quite necessarily true = totalmente, necessariamente verdadeiro
35.   also provide = também fornece
36.   between = entre
37.   easy to follow = fácil de acompanhar
38.   Like = “tipo”
39.   deeper level = nível mais profundo