Do you have enough gadgets?

Warren (Canada): I don't think I have enough1 gadgets2. I think ... I don't think anyone should have too many, but I'm definitely wanting to have a few more3 devices4 to help me. Right now5, I only have a regular cellphone6, but I really wanted to get an iPhone. Actually7, my iPod, I put through8 the washing machine9 by accident, and it managed to keep working10 for a year, but now the insides11 have rusted out12 and it doesn't work, so I need to get one of those, too. I have too many gadgets? I don’t think so. The only one I have is the iphone. Other than that I don’t have any. I’m not really interested in that to be honest.

Tim (United States): I don't have too many gadgets. I have essential things13, like I have a cellphone, I have a computer, a camera, and that's basically it. I don't really get a lot of gadgets and random items14, because if I don't use something very often, I don't see the point15 of having it, so I get rid of16 it, or I'll just not buy it in the first place.

Sunny (Korea ) : I don't think I have too many gadgets. I only have the regular ones people have17, like18 computers, mp3 players, but I really like to try new stuffs19, even20 ... if I had some chance.

Gareth (England): Yeah, I have quite a few21 gadgets, quite a few old mp3 players that I no longer use22, and every time23 Apple releases24 a new product, I have to have it, so it's a little bit like an obsession for me.

Lindsay (United States): No, I don't; my husband does. He's always buying a new gadget, a new computer, a new projector25, a new DVD player. But for me, no, I don't like gadgets. I just got26 an iPhone, so that's probably my only real gadget.


1.      enough = o suficiente
2.      gadgets = eletronicos
3.      a few more  = mais alguns
4.      devices = dispositivos
5.      Right now = neste momento
6.      Cellphone = telephone cellular
7.      Actually = na verdade
8.      put through = colocar em, passar algo por
9.      washing machine = máquina de lavar
10.   managed to keep working = conseguiu continuar funcionando
11.   insides = partes internas
12.   have rusted out = enferrujaram
13.   essential things = coisas essenciais
14.   random items = itens aleatorios
15.   point  = sentido
16.   get rid of = livrar-se de
17.   regular ones people have = os normais que as pessoas têm
18.   like = como
19.   stuffs = coisas
20.   even = até mesmo
21.   quite a few = um monte de
22.   I no longer use = eu não uso mais
23.   every time = todas as vezes que, sempre que
24.   releases = lança
25.   projector = projetor de filmes
26.   I just got = eu tenho apenas