Do you have any bad habit?

Warren (Canada): Yeah, I think I'm not very good at keeping clean1. My wife is always getting upset2 that I'm leaving things out on the counter3 in the kitchen, or leaving my clothes in the bedroom in the wrong place4, and I definitely have to improve5 those habits.

Gareth (England): Yeah, I procrastinate6. This means7 to kind of put stuff off8. I often leave9 really important things until the last minute. I know I've got this bad habit, and I try to fight10 it by making to-do lists11 and stuff like that12. But it's still a part of me that I really, really can't shake off13.

Katia (Mexico): Yes, I do have some bad habits. One that I can talk about is when I see somebody, sometimes14 I tend to judge15 the person too quickly. And I think that's a very bad habit.

Matt (United States): I probably have a very bad habit of not cleaning up after myself16. I don't care much for cleaning18, and I think I leave a lot of my things around the house.

Sarah (England): My biggest bad habit is wasting money19. I often eat out20 just for the sake of21 eating out. I often buy something just for the sake of buying it, and I will probably never use it after I buy it, but you know, I have to have it. So, wasting money is a big problem of mine.

Tim (United States): I have a bad habit of sleeping too much. I have very poor will power22, so if I'm even23    the slightest bit tired25, I'll usually lie down25 and take a nap26, but that makes it very difficult for me to wake up27 in the morning and take care of28 school or whatever29 I have to do during the day. And then, I also stay up30 too late, and it just makes things more difficult with everything that I do.


1.      keeping clean = manter a limpeza
2.      getting upset = ficando chateada
3.      on the counter = em cima do balcão
4.      in the wrong place = no lugar errado
5.      improve = melhorar
6.      procrastinate = procrastinar, adiar
7.      means = significa
8.      put stuff off = adiar as coisas
9.      Leave = deixar
10.   Fight = combater
11.   to-do lists = listas do que fazer
12.   stuff like that = coisas assim
13.   shake off = livrar-se de algo
14.   sometimes = as vezes
15.   tend to judge = tender a julgar
16.   cleaning up after myself = limpar a si mesmo
17.   I don't care much for cleaning = eu não ligo muito para limpeza
18.   I don't care much for cleaning = não ligo muito para limpeza
19.   wasting money = desperdiçar dinheiro
20.   eat out  = comer for a
21.   the sake of = uma questão de
22.   poor will power = força de vontade fraca
23.   even = até mesmo
24.   the slightest bit tired = nem um pouco cansado
25.   lie down = deitar-se
26.   take a nap = tirar uma soneca
27.   wake up = acordar
28.   take care of = cuidar de
29.   whatever = o que quer que
30.   stay up = ficar acordado