10 tips to learn English faster

1. Take a deep breath1 and SPEAK! The more you think2 about speaking, the more nervous you will get3. Just try4 speaking more. Next time5 you go to English class6 or speak English, count how many times7 you speak in five or ten minutes. After that, try to speak more. If you spoke one time today, next English class, try to speak two or three times. The more you speak the more you will learn8 how to communicate properly9.
2. Don’t apologize10 for not knowing everything or “Not speaking English!”
You are learning English… You are trying, right? That’s what’s important.  Just keep doing your best11 and you’ll learn more and more12 as time goes on13 Please don’t say ‘I DON’T speak English’. Instead14 you could say: “I am learning English.
3. Stop translating everything word for word to your language.
If you are doing it, STOP right now15! Translating everything is slowing down16 your progress. If you hear something in English and instantly try to translate it to your native language; you will not be focusing17 on learning English.
4. Train your ears18 to understand. You need to focus and listen. Train your ears to listen for words they (YOU) know in English. Don’t focus on grammar19 or single words20. Focus on the phrases. Listen to English movies, music, and TV. If you train your ears, you will automatically start to understand more when people speak English..
5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes21.Fear22 can stop you from learning English.Stop being so afraid to speak English! You need to let go23 and relax. Everyone makes mistakes. The more you do something the better you get at it.
6. Keep Trying. Don’t Give Up24. Professional athletes practice a lot. They weren’t born25 professional athletes. They had to work very hard and for a long time before becoming26 good athletes. You won’t be able to speak English fluently tomorrow or even27 next month. Over time if you put in the effort28, you will be more comfortable and know a lot more English.
7. Keep a small notebook and Write down29 important phrases. When you look back at the notebook later you will have the whole phrase30; instead of one word in isolate. Next time you need it, the whole phrase will come out31, instead of just one word.
8. Stop Negative thinking32. Avoid33 saying or thinking negative things such as34,
 “I will never learn English.”, “English is so hard.”. If you say these things to yourself, then you will have more difficulty to learn English. Try to replace35 for this:  “I am going to keep trying. I am sure I will get it soon36.” Being positive will help you learn English quicker37.
9. Set goals38- Know why you are learning English. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to speak English fluently? Do you want to get a job speaking English? Are you going to travel to the United States? Think about why you are learning English and set some goals.

10. Try something new. Have you been trying to learn English the same way39 for the last year? Three years? Seven years or more? Try something new! Find an English speaking friend, listen to music in English, watch TV news in English. Change40 is good for you. It will help you grow41.

1.    Take a deep breath = respire fundo
2.    The more you think = quanto mais voce pensa
3.    the more nervous you will get = Mais nervoso você vai fica
4.    Just try = simplesmente tente
5.    Next time = da próxima vez
6.    Class = aula
7.    how many times = quantas vezes
8.    learn = aprender
9.    properly = corretamente
10. apologize = pedir desculpas
11. keep doing your best = continue fazendo seu melhor
12. more and more = cada vez mais
13. as time goes on = à medida em que o tempo passa
14. Instead = ao invés disso
15. right now = já
16. slowing down = desacelerando, atrasando
17. focusing = focando
18. ears
19. grammar = gramática
20. single words = palavras isoladas
21. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes = Não tenha medo de cometer erros
22. Fear = medo
23. let go = soltar-se
24. Give Up = desisitir
25. They weren’t born = Eles não nasceram
26. before becoming = antes de tornarem-se
27. even = nem mesmo
28. put in the effort = aplicar esforço
29. Write down = anotar
30. Whole phrase = frase inteira
31. come out = sair
32. Thinking = pensamento
33. Avoid = evite
34. such as = tais como
35. replace = substituir
36. I am sure I will get it soon = Eu tenho certeza de que conseguirei logo
37. Quicker = mais rápido
38. Set goals = estabeleça objetivos
39. the same way = da mesma forma
40. Change = mudança
41. Grow = crescer