0035. Do you use public transportation?

Kat (Germany): I don't use public transportation too often1. When I still lived in my home town, it was just too small to have public transportation. Nowadays2, I like to ride3 my car. I think public transportation is a great idea, but I really like the convenience of having my own4 vehicle.

Dani (England): All the time5, especially here at the moment at the university, I always use the bus or the train or walk everywhere6. I can't drive7, so it's my only option really.

Shiloh (United States): At school, I use public transportation a lot to get from8 my home to my university. There's9 a regular bus service that runs between10 my house and my school, which is about11 five kilometers or so12. But when I'm at home with my family in New Mexico, I don't use public transportation at all13. I think that American public transportation is few and far between15. it's not very well-funded15, and it's not very good, unless16 you live in the city. Everybody has cars, so you don't really have a need for public transportation, because everybody is able to17 drive himself where they need to go.

Sarah (England): Public transport is something that I don't often use at all. Because I own a car18, I normally just jump into19 the car and just drive wherever I need to go20. The only time21 really that I go use public transport is when I'm traveling around London, because using the underground22 is a lot more easier23 than trying to drive through24 the busy roads.

Warren (Canada ): Not so much25 these days. I have a car now, and where I'm living, the bus system isn't very good and there's no train station right by me26, so I tend27 to drive.

Tim (United States): I don't use public transportation very often. It's not as common in America as it is in other countries. And I also own a car, so if I need to get anywhere28, I just drive my own car, which is very convenient, because I can go wherever I want at whatever time29 I want without being dependent on30 a bus schedule31 or something like that32.


1.    too often = com muita frequencia
2.    Nowadays = hoje em dia
3.    Ride = dirigir, andar de
4.    Own = próprio
5.    All the time = o tempo todo
6.    Everywhere = em todos os lugares
7.    I can't drive = eu não sei dirigir
8.    get from = sair de
9.    There's = há, existe
10.    runs between = roda entre
11.    about = aproximadamente
12.    or so  = ou mais ou menos isso, por volta disso
13.    at all = absolutamente
14.     few and far between = tem longos intervalos
15.    well-funded = bem financiado
16.    unless = a menos que
17.    is able to = é capaz de
18.    I own a car = eu possuo um carro
19.    jump into = saltar para dentro de
20.    wherever I need to go = onde quer eu eu precise ir
21.    The only time = a única vez
22.    Underground = metrô (Europa)
23.    a lot more easier = muito mais fácil
24.    through = através
25.    Not so much = nem tanto
26.    right by me = bem próximo a mim
27.    tend = tender a
28.    to get anywhere = ir a qualquer lugar
29.    whatever time = qualquer que seja o momento
30.    without being dependent on = sem ser dependente de
31.    bus schedule = horário de ônibus
32.    something like that = algo assim