0034. Do you buy things online?

Lindsay (United States): Yes, I've bought many things1 online. This year, I bought all of my family's Christmas presents online. I bought my mother a calendar, and I bought my father a golf bag2 online. And I bought my sister a gift certificate3 to an American store4, because she wants to buy a new suit5.

Paul (England): I'm an avid record collector6, vinyl record collector. I often use internet shopping sites to purchase7 rare and difficult-to-find records. It offers a huge range8 and access to records that often record shops9 do not have, or you have to wait for them to come into stock10. So, I find it opens up a whole world of options.

Gareth (England): I've bought stuff12 from Amazon before, and just mostly13 books and DVDs and stuff like that, and it was really convenient. I could click online, and it got sent to my door, and I paid on delivery. So, yeah, it was really easy.

Sarah (England): I tend to do more of my shopping online, including my food shopping, generally14 because it saves time15 and normally saves money. I've always gotten with16 online shopping; I've never really had a problem with it. Even when17 you want to return18 something, it's always really good.

Shifani (New Zealand): Yes, I have bought quite a few things19 online, actually20. I use “Trade Me”21 quite a lot, where you can buy items, used or new, from other users. So, I've bought computer software, I've bought a computer, I've bought a camera, I've even22 bought shoes and jackets, and have been satisfied23 every single time24.

Warren (Canada): Yeah, I actually quite often25 buy things from the internet. The last thing I bought was a table, actually. I was quite surprised; I've never bought anything that large before. I actually just ordered26 it and it hasn't arrived yet27, but I'm looking forward to seeing28 how easily they can deliver29 that.

Adria (United States): Yes. Actually, my boyfriend is a computer engineer, and because of that, he likes a lot of gadgets30, so I go to a website and get him some kind of geeky31 little trinkets32 for him for birthdays and Christmas.


1.      I've bought many things = Eu comprei muitas coisas
2.      golf bag = mala de golfe
3.      gift certificate = certificado (cartão) para trocar por presente
4.      store = loja
5.      suit = terno, traje
6.      record collector = colecionador de albuns (discos)
7.      purchase = comprar
8.      huge range = imenso alcance
9.      shops = lojas
10.   come into stock = entrar no estoque
11.   whole world = o mundo todo
12.   stuff = coisas
13.   mostly = a maior parte de
14.   generally = geralmente
15.   saves time = economiza tempo
16.   I've always gotten with = Eu sempre adquiri com
17.   Even when = mesmo quando
18.   Return = devolver
19.   quite a few things = um bocado de coisas
20.   actually =  na verdade
21.   “Trade Me” = site de vendas pela internet
22.   Even = até mesmo
23.   satisfied  = satisfeita
24.   every single time = cada uma das vezes
25.   quite often = com bastante frequência
26.   ordered = encomendei
27.   it hasn't arrived yet = não chegou ainda
28.   looking forward to seeing = aguardando ansiosamente para ver
29.   deliver = entregar
30.   gadgets = aparelhos, dispositivos
31.   geeky = coisas de nerd
32.   trinkets  = bugigangas