0033. Are you a clena freak?

Tres (United States): Clean freak1? Those guys don't exist anymore2. I'm a neo-clean freak. I cannot leave my house without scrubbing my bathroom floors3, without washing down the kitchen, washing my dishes4, even you know, scrubbing under my sinks5. That little area where you put your plastic or what have you, so everything has to be cleaned. I usually wear gloves6, see! I'm wearing gloves now.

Rina (Canada): Am I a clean freak? Yes, I definitely am a clean freak. I hate7 when my place is messy8, particularly kitchens. I don't like when my kitchen is dirty9 because it makes the whole10 house look11 messy and I like it when other people pay me the same12 respect and have their places clean when I'm over13 because I think it's rude14 if you're place is messy and you have company, and I just, it drives me nuts15, if I, if my room is messy. I don't know, I just like it, I like it clean, tidy16 and organized.

Jeannie (United States): OK, am I a neat17 freak? No! Not at all18. My room is always messy. It usually kind of mirrors what is going on in my mind19. If my room is junky20 my mind is junky as well21, so every now and then22 I try to clean my room just to make things neat in my own23 mind again.

Jim (England): I don't think I'm a clean freak. I would describe24 my mother as a clean freak. Her hobby is hoovering and dusting. Uh, not really, but she likes to keep the house very clean. I suppose I'm a clean freak for myself. I always have a shower26 every day.

Marion (Ireland): I'm definitely not a clean freak. In fact27 I find it quite difficult to deal with28 clean freaks. I like to be clean but I don't go overboard29 with it, so my house is sometimes29 messy, but I know where everything is most of the time. And I tidy up30 maybe (once) every couple of weeks31 depending on how messy my house gets32. I don't like it too messy.

Todd (United States): Ah, am I a clean freak? No. I'm a total slob34. I'm about the biggest slob that I know. When people come over to my apartment, they're disgusted35 all the time. I have trash36 all over the place37. I let it get out of control38. I leave dishes39 in the sink40 all the time. I have my dirty clothes41 in a pile42 in the corner43 of my room. This is not a knock44 on my poor mother, because my mother is very, very clean and she raised45 me to be clean, and I don't know, something went wrong46, and I'm just a total slob.


1.    Clean freak = maluco por limpeza / arrumação
2.    don't exist anymore = não existem mais
3.    without scrubbing my bathroom floors = sem esfregar os pisos do meu banheiro
4.    dishes = pratos
5.    sinks = pias
6.    wear gloves = uso luvas
7.    hate = odeio
8.    messy = bagunçado
9.    dirty = sujo(a)
10.    whole = todo(a)
11.    look = parecer
12.    the same = o mesmo
13.    when I'm over = quando estou por perto
14.    rude = indelicado
15.    drives me nuts = me deixa maluco(a)
16.    tidy = organizado , arrumado
17.    neat = limpo, arrumado
18.    Not at all = Não, absolutamente
19.    mirrors what is going on in my mind = reflete o que está acontecendo em minha mente
20.    junky = bagunçado
21.    as well = também
22.    every now and then = de vez em quando
23.    own = próprio(a)
24.    describe = descrever
25.    hoovering and dusting = passar aspirador e tirar o pó
26.    have a shower = tomar banho
27.    In fact = na verdade
28.    to deal with = lidar com
29.    go overboard = exagerar
30.    Sometimes = as vezes
31.    tidy up = arrumar
32.    every couple of weeks = a cada duas semanas
33.    how messy my house gets = o quanto bagunçada minha casa fica
34.    slob = desleixado, porcalhão
35.    disgusted = com nojo
36.    trash = lixo
37.    all over the place = por todo o lugar
38.    I let it get out of control = eu deixo ficar fora de controle
39.    leave dishes = deixo pratos
40.    sink = pia
41.    dirty clothes = roupas sujas
42.    pile = pilha
43.    corner = canto
44.    knock = golpe
45.    raised = criou
46.    something went wrong = alguma coisa saiu errado