0030. Are you good at save money?

Anita (Taiwan): Am I good at saving money1? I don't think that I'm a good person. I don't think that I'm good at saving money because I spend a lot2. I like to go shopping3 and everytime4 I go shopping I will buy something so I don't think I am good at saving but I think I'm good at making money.

Martin (United States): I have to say, if there's one thing4 I’d like to be better  is saving money. Right now I'm not very good at it. If I have it I lose5 it or I spend it on something that I probably don't need but it's too bad6 because I really need to learn7 how to save money better but I figure that8will come in the future.

Jeanie (United States): OK, am I good at saving money. Well, most of9 my life my family has always been10 a bit envious11 of my ability to save. Even when12 I didn't have a job, I would always have money just backed up13 somewhere and people would often have to try and get14 money from me on loan15. It's a little difficult now that I have to actually16 pay rent and things like that17 but, I'm still pretty good at it.

Mark (United States): I am terrible at saving money, absolutely terrible. And it's something that I think about a lot because I know I have to get better at it18 but after payday19, that money just burns a hole in my pocket20. I go out and I'll spend a hundred dollars in one night, it just, because I got21 the money in my pocket and then usually before payday, I don't have any money and I'm borrowing22 money from my friends so it's actually my worst habit23, is saving money.

Ruth (England): Good at saving money! Well, I think I am quite good at saving money, except sometimes24 I am a little bit naughty25 and I tend to spend, spend, spend. I usually have one day a month in which I go and spend. Except for that, I'm generally quite good. I don't spend too much money. I try to save all of the money that I can so that I can26 buy something nice at the end.

Simon (Cananda): God no! I'm not good at saving money. I think I usually spend money faster than27 I can make it. I don't save. I just take money out of my account28. I don't pay attention29. I don't organize. I don't budget30. I buy a lot of things that don't have any resale value31, like services and beer, things like that: food, restaurants. I can't save money. I spend money.


1.      saving money = economizar dinheiro

2.      spend a lot = gastar muito

3.      to go shopping = ir fazer compras

4.      if there's one thing = se houvesse uma coisa

5.      lose = perder

6.      too bad = é uma pena

7.      learn = aprender

8.      figure that = imaginar que

9.      most of = a maior parte de

10.   has always been = se foi

11.   a bit envious = um pouco invejosa de

12.   Even when = mesmo quando

13.   backed up = guardado

14.   try and get = tentar conseguir

15.   loan = empréstimo

16.   actually = na verdade

17.   things like that = coisas assim

18.   to get better at it = melhorar nisso

19.   payday = dia de pagamento

20.   Burns a hole in my pocket “faz um buraco em meu bolso”

21.   Got = tenho

22.   Borrowing = tomando emprestado

23.   my worst habit = meu pior hábito

24.   except sometimes = exceto às vezes

25.   a little bit naughty = um pouquinho desobediente

26.   so that I can = para que eu possa

27.   faster than = mais rapido do que

28.   take money out of my account = tiro dinheiro da minha conta

29.   pay attention = prestart atenção

30.   budget = provisão de dinheiro

31.   resale value = valor de revenda