0037. What junk food do you eat?


Anita (Taiwan)
What junk foods1 do I eat? I like potato chips2, chocolates, candy bars3 but these days because of diets though4 I don't usually eat a lot, but of course during the party5 with my friends we always buy lots and lots6 of junk food and we'll finish in an hour. Actually7 I like it, but I'm controlling myself right now.

Mitchell (United States)
The junk food I tend8 to eat is gummy bears9 because I like, like the gummy kind of candy10, gummy bears, sour patch kids11, but I don't think I eat too much junk food because I don't eat too much cake12, chocolate, cookies13, and the dairy14 product section, so but if I had to pick15 a junk food that I eat the most16, it's sweets17 like gummy bears, starbursts, skittles.

Ruth (England)
How much junk food? Well, actually I try really hard not to eat junk food. I try to go for a long time without eating18 crisps19 and chocolate and cakes, but often20 I tend to ignore that and eat them anyway21. I think it goes in phases22. For a long time I'll not have any and then for a week or two weeks I will eat cake, cake, cake, chocolate,
crisps, all of the time23, so maybe, certainly at those time I eat too much. The rest of the time, no, I think it's OK.

Lucinda (New Zealand)
I don't eat junk food, sweet junk food, so I'm actually lying24, I don't eat sweet junk food. I like McDonalds breakfast25, but any other things26 to do with junk food I'm not really 
partial to. I like chocolate occasionally, but very bitter27 chocolate. I quite28 like eating cooking chocolate bars.

Alan (Canada)
What junk food do I eat? Well, I enjoy29 potato chips and chocolate and cookies. I'm actually what you call30 a junk food 
fanatic. I enjoy eating junk food. I try not to eat too much of it. I used to eat more31 of it when I was younger, but I've kind of trimmed it down32 a little bit33, as I got older34, however35, I still enjoy a good bag of potato chips while36 I watch TV, or a chocolate bar occasionally, after lunch or dinner, so I would say. I enjoy junk food but I try not to eat too much of it.

Mark (America)
Actually, I don't eat a lot of junk food, but I try to keep37 pretty healthy38 with what I eat, but if I 
slip39 and I do eat any food that's not so healthy it's usually fast food. Like I almost never40 eat at McDonald's, but if I'm really hungry, or I'm really broke41 and don't have a lot of money, or I just want something fast, I might42 sneak into43 a McDonalds, once every two weeks44 or something like that45.

1.     junk food = comida rápida, “porcaria”
2.     potato chips = fritas (batatas)
3.     candy bars = barras de chocolate
4.     though = no entanto
5.     during the party = durante a festa
6.     lots and lots = um monte de
7.     Actually = Na verdade
8.     Tend = tendo, tender a
9.     gummy bears = tipo de bala (goma)
10. gummy kind of candy = bala tipo goma
11. sour patch kids = tipo de bala azeda
12. cake = bolo
13. cookies = biscoitos
14. dairy = laticínios, produtos derivados de leite
15. pick = escolher
16. I eat the most = que eu mais como
17. Sweets = doces
18. go for a long time without eating = ficar um tempo longo sem comer
19. crisps = batatinhas fritas
20. often = frequentemente
21. anyway = de qualquer forma
22. phases = fases
23. all of the time = o tempo todo
24. I'm actually lying = na verdade estou mentindo
25. Breakfast = café da manhã
26. any other things = qualquer outra coisa
27. bitter = amargo
28. quite = bastante
29. enjoy = curto, gusto
30. what you call = o que vocês chamam de
31. I used to eat more = eu costumava comer mais
32. I've kind of trimmed it down = eu tipo que dei uma cortada
33. a little bit = um pouquinho
34. got older = fiquei velho
35. however = contudo
36. while = enquanto
37. keep = manter
38. pretty healthy = bastante saudável
39. slip = escorregar, dar uma escorregada
40. Almost never = quase nunca
41. Broke = quebrado (sem dinheiro)
42. might = poder (possibilidade)
43. sneak into = infiltrar-se em
44. once every two weeks = uma vez a cada duas semanas
45. something like that = algo assim